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AdSkills Pro Podcast is a weekly podcast that shines the spotlight on digital advertising professionals doing real marketing for real companies. Each episode includes current trends, experiments and insights from a leading advertising strategist in the media buying industry, hosted by Kate Buck Jnr of Kate invites a cast of media buying masters to share what's working now in the ad networks, ad strategies, and their top tip for businesses looking to scale their ad campaigns in networks like; Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads, Adwords (Google Ads), LinkedIn Ads, and so much more. It doesn't matter if you're a 17 year veteran or complete beginner looking to create your first campaign, in each episode you're sure to get a golden nugget to use on your campaigns.
Facebook Ads: How to Get Started & Scale a Successful CampaignNovember 18, 2021 Episode artwork Marc Allen and Dennis Abad: How To Grow A YouTube Advertising Agency With Less Than $8K In Ad SpendNovember 11, 2021 Episode artwork Brice Gump - How to Effectively Buy And Test Ads OnlineNovember 04, 2021 Episode artwork Jay- Ways A True Ad Buyer Evolve And Become SuccessfulOctober 28, 2021 Episode artwork Knute Fosso - Now You Can Grow Your Business With Paid AdsOctober 21, 2021 Episode artwork Job Recruiting - The Art Of Targeting with Mitch Adams - AdSkills Pro Podcast S6 EP8May 27, 2021 Episode artwork The Power Of Networking To Get Clients With Mony Chhim - AdSkills Pro Podcast S6 EP 7May 20, 2021 Episode artwork Joining A Start-Up As A Media Buyer With Nate Smoyer - AdSkills Pro S6 EP 6May 13, 2021 Episode artwork Coaching The Coaches - Getting Leads In The Education Market With Desriann Blackwood - AdSkills Pro Podcast S6 EP5May 06, 2021 Episode artwork Ben Blackmon Dodging The Disapproval Ad Bullet - How To Keep You Ad Running As Others Fall AdSkills Pro Podcast S6 EP4April 29, 2021 Episode artwork The Art And Science of Local Business Advertising With Sheena Murphy - AdSkills Pro Podcast S6 EP3April 22, 2021 Episode artwork Greg Cardinale - The Better The Systems...The Better The Media Buyer… AdSkills Pro Podcast S6 EP2April 15, 2021 Episode artwork Getting Prepped For iOS 14 with Dorothy IIlsonApril 08, 2021 Episode artwork Scott Bradley - From Marketing Consultant To Media Buying - AdSkills Pro Podcast S5 EP 8January 21, 2021 Episode artwork Koen De Wit - Going Rogue...Being A Disrupter In The Ecom Media Buying World - AdSkills Pro S5 EP 7January 14, 2021 Episode artwork MBA or Media Buying - The Great ROI of Media Buying With Mauricio Brito - AdSkills Pro S5 EP 6January 07, 2021 Episode artwork Alvin Rai Lessons from Sales Management into Media Buying - AdSkills Pro S5 EP 5December 31, 2020 Episode artwork Ryan Bentley The Media Buying Missionary - AdSkills Pro S5 EP 4December 24, 2020 Episode artwork Derek Couts - From Two Hour Commutes To Wedding Photographer Thanks To Media Buying - AdSkills Pro S5 EP 3December 17, 2020 Episode artwork From Stage To Media Buying -Paul Elliot's Covid Pivot - AdSkills Pro Podcast EP 2December 10, 2020 Episode artwork Brian Pedder - Lessons On Thriving In Covid, E-Commerce and Choosing Your Clients - AdSkills Pro EP 1December 03, 2020 Episode artwork Duston McGroarty - The “Home Advisor Method” Using Affiliate Experience To Get Leads - AdSkills Pro Podcast Ep.8October 15, 2020 Episode artwork Dialing in Your Data to Drive in High-Dollar Buyers with Sunni Sukumar - AdSkills Pro EP. 7October 08, 2020 Episode artwork The Optimisation Fanatic - Jon Kaufman Issues The $100 "You're Losing Money" Challenge!? - AdSkills Pro Ep. 6October 01, 2020 Episode artwork From Burnout to Breakthrough, Making Childs Play Out Of Media Buying" with Jay - AdSkils Pro EP.5September 24, 2020 Episode artwork